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Canalside Press is based in Hackney, East London. We publish books relating to the broader cultural situation of architecture, poetry and the visual arts, and the Journal of Civic Architecture (JoCA). As well as scholarly essays by architects and historian, the JoCA also features art works, landscapes, and work by contemporary poets.

Recent publications include On Intricacy: The Work of John Meunier Architect (2020), the first book in our Modern Architecture in Reflection series. Change is the Reality: The Work of Robin Walker Architect was published in 2021. Part of a City: The Work of Neave Brown Architect was launched with a symposium at his alma mater, The Architectural Imagination, in November 2022.

Slogans and Battlecries, short essays by Paul Shepheard (2020) - he considers them poems - is the first in the Reflection in Action series. Newcastle Endless by Alex Niven was published in 2021, as was 50/50 WORDS FOR REUSE by Graeme Brooker. Ideas, Faces and Places by Celia Scott et al, Oriel by Penny Cliff, and Migrations from Memory by Aaron Peters and Stuart Vokes were published in 2023.

The Modern Architecture in Reflection, and Reflection in Action series, express our profound belief in the power of practical action in concert with thinking in a contemplative, reflective manner. Our aim with all of the books in the Modern Architecture in Reflection series is to create primary historical sources for potential further study. Reflection in Action is a different type of thing - arguably something missing in mainstream architectural production today - more akin to Le Corbusher's Poem of the Right Angle and Michelangelo’s sonnets, the sound of the unconscious thinking.

Forthcoming publications include Dialogue and Imagination: Conversations with Architects by Patrick Lynch (2023).

All of our publications are collaborations with the designer Emma Kalkhoven

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The JoCA and some of our books are available to purchase from our website, Magma, magCulture, Rare Mags,  Margaret Howell, Charlotte Street News, The Architectural Association Bookshop in London; and at CCA in Montreal, William Stout in Los Angeles, Copyright Books in Ghent, and at Choisi Bookshop in Lugano, amongst others.

Canalside Press is edited and published by the architects Patrick Lynch and Claudia Lynch. For more details about their work see

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