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David Grandorge et al
Still Beautiful

David Grandorge’s work is a type of Reconnaissance. In his photographs of cities, architecture appears as part of a network of reciprocal situations. His landscapes evoke a sense of balanced disequilibrium, of great energy and stillness. Natural and man-made aspects of reality seem to occur simultaneously, almost casually, as if discovered by the photographer in a state of unselfconscious innocence.

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Journal of Civic Architecture, Issue 02
December 2018

Contributors to the second issue include John Meunier, Simon Henley, Will Jennings, Rut Blees-Luxemburg, Herman Bauer (translated by Claudia Lynch), Luis Fernandez-Galiano Ruiz, Patrick Lynch, David Grandorge and Stephen DP Richardson.

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Journal of Civic Architecture, Issue 01
June 2018

Contributors to the first edition include Tom de Paor, Johan Celsing, Joseph Rykwert, Laura Evans, Luisa Collina, Cino Zucchi, Indra Kagis McEwen, Andrew Crompton, Michael Badu, Geraldine Clarkson and Simon Walker. Each issue is edited by Patrick Lynch, sometimes alongside a guest editor, and addresses a series of unpredictable themes concerning urban culture and imagination.

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