Patrick Lynch
Dialogue and Imagination

Dialogue and Imagination.jpg

Dialogue and Imagination brings together a number of conversations between the Patrick Lynch and some other architects, including some of the most interesting thinkers of our age. Participants in these conversations include Rafael Moneo, Peter Zumthor, Joseph Rykwert, Francesco Venezia, Birkin Haward, Tom de Paor, John Meunier, Craig Hamilton, Dalibor Vesely, Joseph Rykwert, Kate Mackintosh, Tony Fretton, David Porter, Tim Waterman, and others.

These conversations cover wide ground. As dialogues between creative colleagues, questions recur concerning the role of history, drawing and teaching in an architect's life; the influence of literature and painting upon the architectural imagination; as well as the role of certain topics in theology, science and philosophy in imaginative design work. These are discussed with candor, and perhaps an unusual degree of frankness. What emerges, Tom de Paor suggests, is an alternative history of the recent past of modern architecture: a richer, more nuanced, and more honest account than you normally encounter today.